Replace your aux cord with a plugin.

Get any audio from your mobile device to your computer and/or DAW in seconds with auxCord.

replace your auxcord with a plugin mountainroad dsp - serge courtois

Stand Out with your music

Sample sounds nobody used before.

Connect Multiple Devices

No fumbling with cables.

No Apps Required

You don't need any additional apps on iOs

Never interrupt your flow.

You went outside and recorded some rain or heard a great sound on a streaming platform. But now you need to get that audio from your phone to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This is where auxCord comes in:

Wireless. Carefree.

We all know the struggle of phones not having headphone jacks anymore, running out of precious converter inputs, or having to ask your artist to stand up and manually connect their device to show you their work.

2024 feels like a good time to leverage some of that tech advancement.

With auxCord, you can stream real-time audio from up to 100 devices straight into any DAW over Wi-Fi.

And the best part – you won’t need any additional apps on your phone.

Step 1

Buy it once and get lifetime access. You’ll get a license key right after purchase.

Step 2

Install the auxCord plugin on your computer in 2 minutes.

Step 3

Connect your phone through AirPlay and enjoy easy, lossless, collaborative streaming directly into your DAW.

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$15 - Standalone
For Audio Enthusiasts

Have your friends or clients connect to auxCord and listen to their music on your computer speakers.
No need for cables.
$29 - Bundle
Most Popular Choice

Need both versions?
Save money and get the auxCord standalone and plugin for a discounted price.
$19 - Plugin
For Audio Professionals

Reference music, listen to your client’s voice memos, or connect your co-producers laptop straight to the main studio DAW.

It may not work for you.


We don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

If you are happy with your aux cable then this plugin may not be for you. The last thing we want is for you to spend money on something you don’t use.

So here’s the full-functioning plugin for you to try. No strings attached.

replace your auxcord with a plugin mountainroad dsp

Made with passion.

From a Grammy award-winning audio engineer who recorded and mixed recordings that sold multiple millions of units.

Do you have questions or concerns?
Just hit me up – I would be happy to help. Just keep in mind that I am on Central Europe time, but I will do my best to get back to you ASAP. :)

Some FAQs Here

The technical stuff.
 44.1kHz 16bit Stereo Quality



Apple users can simply connect to auxCord with the device’s built-in AirPlay settings.

For Android users, we recommend “AirMusic” available on the Google store.


macOS Requirements

- macOS 10.13 and up
- VST3 or AU host or Pro Tools
- Apple Silicon or Intel


Plug-in Formats

auxCord is available in:

- VST3
- AU
- AAX format.


Windows Requirements

- Win 10 64-bit and up
- VST 3 or Pro Tools

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