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Welcome to the future of delays.

Experience the most advanced delay plugin of the year. 

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Introducing Lumina Delay

Traditional delays limit users to basic parameters adjusted through knobs and buttons. You need a better creative grip.

Lumina Delay allows you to visualize and manipulate delay points and their parameters individually and in real-time.

⭕ Customize the characteristics of each delay point.
⭕ Gain unprecedented control over the delay effects.
⭕ Unleash your creativity like never before.

We created Lumina Delay with the user in mind – because the creative power should always be in your hands.

Unprecedented Control

Create completely new delay effects and patterns.


Create the exact delay you want in seconds.

Full Creative Power

Take your music to a new dimension.

No more guessing!

We’ve been there. We’ve set and forgotten parameters countless times.

What if you could have a direct link between the delay sound you hear in your head and what you see on the screen?

With Lumina Delay you can create as many delay points as you like and move them in the horizontal line to the rhythm and timing you see fit.

Set the volume, pan, HiPass, and LowPass, and many more parameters* for each individual delay point.

*we are working hard to add more features to LuminaDelay. Stay tuned! 

Step 1

Load Lumina Delay on any track you like in your DAW (Lumina Delay supports AU, VST3, and AAX on Windows and Mac)

Step 2

Left click anywhere on the grid to place your first delay point. Each point represents one delay/echo.

Step 3

Move the delay points to your liking: horizontally to adjust timing, vertically to adjust the selected parameter.

Ready to go.

You won’t have to spend hours learning to use Lumina Delay. We’ve built a user-friendly interface so you can jump right in. 

Be it a standard quarter note delay, ping pong delay, or completely new delay patterns, Lumina Delay has got you covered.

Click, slide, done!

Just click on the grid to place your first delay point. Slide it to the right or left to adjust the timing. If you open up the settings menu, you can enable snap to grid, and adjust the grid resolution.

Each row will show you a different parameter, volume, pan, and HiPass and LowPass. By sliding the delay point up or down you can adjust the specific parameter.

You can create as many delay points as you like, Lumina Delay has no limit.

Play Video about lumina delay plugin mountainroaddsp by serge courtois
Slide 1

Global Parameters

Global parameter controls give you the ability to finetune all your delay points at once.

Slide 1

Volume & Timing

Create creative and intricate delay patterns with just a few clicks. Wherever you click on the grid a new delay will be created. Drag the point up or down to change the volume of that particular delay or drag it from left to right to adjust the timing.

Slide 1


Create completely new panning patterns. Whatever panning pattern you can think of, Lumina Delay can handle it. Drag a point up to pan the individual delay to the Left, and drag it down to pan it to the Right.

Slide 1

Hi | Low Pass

Lumina Delay visually shows you what frequencies you hear. Want to cut some more highs? Drag down the top of the rectangle. Want to cut more lows? Drag the bottom line up. See at a glance which frequencies you hear and which ones are being cut.

Slide 1

Wet | Dry

We included an easy to use Wet/Dry knob. By turning up the knob, the wet signal increases while the dry signal is simultaneously decreased.

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Precision Mode

Need more precision? Holding down CMD/CTRL while moving a delay point gives you 10x the accuracy. Alternatively, right-click a delay point bringing up the delay point popup menu which gives you the option to type in the exact value.

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In action.

Enough said. We love sharing the story, but you are a sound person. Check out the examples below to hear Lumina Delay in action.

Early-bird special.

Take advantage of the 33% savings deal until the end of February 2024.


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The technical stuff.
 Current Version: 1.0.0


Press Kit

→ Download Press Kit

→ Photo Pack


macOS Requirements

- macOS 10.13 and up
- VST3 or AU host or Pro Tools
- Apple Silicon or Intel


Plug-in Formats

Plug-in Formats (64-bit only)

VST 3, Audio Units (AU), AAX Native


Windows Requirements

- Win 10 64-bit and up
- VST 3 or Pro Tools

Made with passion.

From a Grammy award-winning audio engineer who recorded and mixed multi platinum records worldwide.

Do you have questions or concerns?
Just hit me up – I would be happy to help. Just keep in mind that I am on Central Europe time, but I will do my best to get back to you ASAP. 🙂

Lumina Delay Installation Guide 🔗

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