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Load auxCord on a track in your DAW

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on your mobile device choose auxCord as your AirPlay device

Why auxcord?

auxCord has many advantages over a simple auxiliary cable:

– it is not taking up any precious inputs on your interface 

– you don’t have to deal with consumer audio level any longer

– you can connect multiple devices to one instance of auxCord

– auxCord lets you control your phone/device from inside your DAW (Play, pause, next, previous, volume)


Use cases


Check out a song or show it to your friends through the big speakers. Up to 100 clients can stream independently and simultaneously to auxCord.

Now with the Standalone software you don’t even need to open up your DAW anymore.


Listen to your songwriters’ Voice Memos through the studio speakers or record them straight to your DAW.

Just open up auxCord and start streaming.


Have your co-producer set their output to auxCord so they can check their work on the big studio speakers.




Auxcord does not authoriSe 

1. Make sure you only paste your serial number into auxCord once.  

2. If it won’t let you use your serial number, please click “Start Trial”. (Don’t worry you can always activate your license later.) If this works, please reach out to support@mountainroaddsp.com, there may be a problem with the licensing servers.

3. If you can’t start the trial, make sure that your computer is online. Sometimes cracked plugins or very aggressive firewalls block the access to our licensing software. One way to find out is by visiting https://wyday.com/ with windows explorer/safari. If you can’t open our licensing service’s website, the proxy on your computer is blocked. In this case you can simply activate the plugin by clicking “Offline Activation” and following those steps.

I don’t see auxcord in my network

1. If you are using Windows, you have to have Apple Bonjour installed, otherwise it will not work. Please visit: Apple Bonjour

2. Your mobile device and your computer running auxCord have to be on the same network. If you are on a separate WiFi network, auxCord will not show up.


Logic Pro: The meters move but I don’t get sound

Try setting up your session like this:

1. Create a Stereo Audio track and open auxCord. Set the Input to Bus 1 and the output to Bus 2

2. Create a second Audio track, set the input to Bus 2, and the output to Stereo Out

3. Set your second audio track to Input or Record and start streaming audio.

4. Now you can start recording on your second audio track. 

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