Quick Start Guide



Open up an AlpHorn instance in your DAW


Choose AlpHorn as an AirPlay device

from an iOS device

Connect to AlpHorn from your iOS device


from a Mac


Connect to AlpHorn from your Mac

Stream Audio


Want to check out a song or show it to your friends through the big speakers. Up to 3 clients can stream independently and simultaneously to AlpHorn

Use AlpHorn to listen to music on your studio monitors


Listen to your Voice Memos through the studio speakers so everyone in the room can hear what you have been working on

Use AlpHorn to listen to any type of audio from your device, including Voice Memos


Have your co-producer set his output to AlpHorn so he can check his work on the big studio speakers

Any DAW's audio output can be set to AlpHorn, so your co-producer can check his work on the big speakers

FAQ / Known Issues

AlpHorn not showing up on my device

Make sure your device and your computer running AlpHorn are connected to the same network.

AlpHorn not working on my M1 Mac

Currently AlpHorn is not compatible with M1 Macs. We are working hard on making AlpHorn compatible with Apple's newest macs

I cannot stream music from Apple Music

Currently AlpHorn is not compatible with Apple's newest Music version. Making AlpHorn compatible with Apple Music is at the top of our priority list

AlpHorn crashes PT

When dragging a connected AlpHorn instance to a new track, the connection gets lost and upon disconnecting the client PT crashes. We are aware of the new bug and are working on squashing this one asap!

Release Notes

v 1.1.0

Improved the connectivity status of clients that don't have metadata
Added scrollable dynamic client list (up to 100 clients can now connect to AlpHorn)
Improvements under the hood

v 1.0.2

Tweaked the UI
Improved Installer
Updated PACE/iLok integration